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Meet Lina!


Lina was proudly raised in Montclair, New Jersey, where her artistic side was spoiled rotten with almost immediate access to New York City, and a thriving community of versatile artists. Apparently her desire to perform first surfaced when her parents took her 3-year-old self to see Cirque du Soleil. Instead of sitting back and gasping with the rest of the audience, she made her way to the aisle and starting trying to do acrobatics of her own. She never found out if the ushers appreciated her performance, but she likes to think it was an exciting change of pace.

Now living in NYC, Lina graduated in 2017 with a BFA in musical theatre from the Hartt School of Music, Dance and Theatre. She truly values the versatility of her training and performance experiences both in and out of school. These range from Shakespeare to touring educational theatre to many new works in the city. She hopes to continue working on many different types of projects in the future!

A little bit about her training:


Lina has taken private voice lessons for over 8 years now both at school and at home. She is a mezzo soprano with a high belt, but also enjoys singing low alto (her choir teacher in middle school sometimes put her with the tenors.) She loves to sing contemporary musical theatre and pop/rock songs, but she also has a soft spot for a lot of beautiful old standards! 


Lina has been lucky enough to receive acting training in many different forms. At Hartt students were introduced to styles ranging from Shakespeare and Moliere, to more contemporary methods such as acting for the camera. 


And finally, Lina has been dancing from a very young age. If you'd like samples of her work from when she was three, talk to her mom, she'd love to show off the photos on her refrigerator. Because Lina hasn't focused solely on dance, she'd classify her level as a strong mover with a good technique background. She's mostly trained in ballet and modern dance, but is also proficient in basic tap and jazz!

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